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Each of our students finds a job within the first month after graduation.

And gets a salary 30% higher than expected.

If you follow our rules, you will become a developer

Our mentors will be with you once you apply up to your first day at work
  • One-to-one work with a mentor

    Our education is based on individual mentor-student communication. You can either call or text your mentor when you need it.

  • Regular knowledge-control

    The mentor is not a tutor. Mentor makes sure you understand everything. Regular code reviews and complex tasks will make you an independent warrior. You’ll be ready to meet a challenge.

  • Practise your knowledge in a real business project

    All our students participate in building commercial projects. You will hone your theoretical skills, engage in teamwork, and gain the necessary experience for your CV.

  • Mentor support from the first day

    Our mentors will help you to create a brilliant CV and prepare you for the challenging questions at a job interview.


Access to our private Slack community

We have a large and friendly online and offline community. You can ask other students questions in our group chat in Slack and share your experience as well. It’s easy to find like-minded people here.


We only train technology stack that is in demand in business

You will be able to use Java Core, Maven, Git, Junit, Tomcat, Servlet, Spring MVC, Core, Security, Hibernate, IDEA

JAVA in 2020?


Highload (Google, Yandex, Facebook)

Mobile banking (Deutsche Bank, Bank of America)

Mobile apps (Instagram, Telegram)

Artificial intelligence (Watson, ViaVoice)

Online shopping (Ebay, Amazon)

Games (Minecraft)

Advantages of JAVA


Commonly takes the leading position, according to the TIOBE programming community index, which is a measure of the popularity of programming languages.

How much is it possible to earn?

How much is it possible to earn?
4 500 euro

Each of them succeeded - now, it’s your turn!

Here you find our ex-students reviews and comments who already work as Java developers. Here you find our ex-students reviews and comments who already work as Java developers. For more than four years our team has been preparing high-demand developers all over the world. Over this time we’ve prepared and helped with the employment of more than 350 people, who are successfully working in Russia, the US, Canada, Germany, Poland, Italy, and other countries. This is your time!

Other student’s reviews you can check in our FB page.


Hello to everyone. My name is Pavel and I have switched my career at the age of 24, thanks to German. We met two years ago, when I saw German’s comment, in which he offered mentor’s services, in some programming group. I wrote to him and he told me about the study process. I was a penniless student back then and didn’t have enough means to pay for his services, but he still told me from what to start. Two months later, when I started to work, I reached out to German again and... Continue Reading
Pasha Mihalin
Hi, everyone! My name is Mikhail! I'm the graduate of Java Mentor(JM) school. I'm 33. My profession now is Java-Development in big company that works on logistic optimization. Our clients are such big companies in Russia like "Aeroflot" and "RussianRailWays"... Continue Reading
Mihail Pashkovsky
Hello to everyone reading this! I started studying with German in January 2018. My previous attempts to learn Java haven’t been very successful, though I could not say I wasted my time. I bought Schildt’s book in May 2017 and then, facing difficulties with understanding the arrays, I’ve decided to try my very first courses on Geekbrains. It was another bad experience and I have just lost time (it seemed to me that the whole group has lost time). In parallel I studied on Javar... Continue Reading
Vladimir Komissarov
My name is Max and I am from Kostroma. I am 30+ years old, but it doesn’t matter). Once upon a time, in 2018 I worked as developer of program products in one of the most popular program vendors of our country. As you can guess these are products of company 1C. I’ve had a big experience in this industry and my last job was connected to automation of large retail sector. But I’ve always considered myself as an incomplete programmer. And I realized I didn’t want to see mysel... Continue Reading
Maxim Solovyev
Java Mentor is really wonderful place if you are looking for a career change. My journey at Java Mentor has been amazing! Being a part of Java Mentor can be very rewarding to someone that has passion to become a Java Developer. Mentors It’s quite interesting to see how passionate, understanding and dedicated the mentors at Java Mentor, in helping students achieve their goals. Mentors are very professional, super nice, friendly and always ready to help. The atmosphere in the... Continue Reading
Grigory Zhurilo

Our graduates are working here

These are the companies our students are working for, but it’s just a small part, the rest just didn’t fit.


You will learn the most demanded stack of technologies among business

What projects do our students work on?

  • an educational platform with a profile - EWP
  • a platform for the educational center that prepares pupils for the entrance exams to the university
  • an internal system for fan identification (2018 FIFA World Cup)
  • a CRM system for internal management of an anti-cafe/time-club: automation and optimization of staff work
  • a system for internal work in a pizza-chain
  • CRM system for the environmental project: activist accounting and organization of waste recycling process



After you leave a request on our website, our training coordinator will contact you.


He will give you access to the educational platform on which you will study.


At this point, you will have automatically created a channel for communicating with the mentor in Slack.


Mentor will test your level of knowledge and skills.


At our platform, you will explore theoretical content - articles, and videos, and solve tasks related to the theme of the chapter.


If you run into difficulties while solving the task, you can ask your mentor or student community for help.


Upon the completion of each unit mentor will check your knowledge and will perform code review. Mentors will change from one time to another, so you will obtain maximum information and expert opinion.


At the point of the team project, you will have a look at the code that was previously written at the project. You will also become acquainted with your team and team lead.


After you finish the program, the mentor will help you to prepare a competitive CV and will get you ready for the challenging job interview questions.


In the end, you will post your CV on a job-hunting website and start having job interviews.

Java Course

Monthly fee

280 € for unlimited mentoring

We guarantee you a contract job, or we will pay you back.

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